The art of covering your walls

June 02, 2014

Cover your walls!
Yes if you follow us on instagram, facebook or twitter, you of course receive your daily dose of framing love from us. But we also think there are some other great ways to give your walls a lift, not just hanging up your fave image surrounded by the humble picture frame.
Check out below and get creative this weekend!
The shelf
Shelving! Of course! What a great way to display your favourite bits and bobs, not to mention it's also practical storage. We're not just mentioning straight, boring book shelves here people, shelving can be as easy as purchasing a few brackets from your hardware store and picking up some scrap bits of timber. Go fourth and be creative about displaying you're prized items and books.
Signs are all around us, and if we stop to notice how many are actually staring us in the face as we venture outside of our homes, it becomes apparent, there are a LOT around with amazing colours and designs. Make your own or pick them up at a local market / bazaar.
DIY features
I know some people shudder at the term DIY, but it's not a dirty word if the design and work comes from within you. Draw something up, tinker with it until you are happy. Match it to a piece of furniture or to the overall theme of the room. Sometimes a wall feature can complete the room! And hey, there is nothing more satisfying than having a piece created by you in your home.

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