Want to live in a herb garden?

March 06, 2015

It's time to get planting for Autumn (if you are in the great land Australia that is). Because not everyone has a big garden for a vegie patch, we thought it would be nice to talk about herbs as EVERYONE has room for some fresh herbs on their window sill.

We were going to call this mail out "What YOU didn't know about herbs", but then that would have been very presuming of us wouldn't it? We hope you guys get as much out of this info below as we did.


Basil - One of the most popular herbs around. Start these guys from seeds and place the pots in the window ensuring they get a lot of sun. It won't be long until you can get your pesto on!

Bay leaves  - Don't crowd up the bays, they need a lot of air circulation to keep healthy. You'll have more than you need at your next curry night.

Chives - Pot a bunch of these fellas and leave in a cool, dark spot. A few days later put them near a window that gets a fair bit of sunlight. BOOM, chives for life.


Oregano - Snip a tip from an oregano plant, throw it in a pot and revel in the fact you won't need to hit the spice isle at the supermarket for quite a while.


Rosemary - One of the toughest herbs out there. Get a snip from your local village (I bet there is a bush growing somewhere near you!) and stick it in a moist soiless mix. Then go ahead and stick that roast in the oven.

Sage - smell that sage! it can cop dry indoor air really well, but loves chilling in the sun too, so let them get their bake on too!



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