At Home with Mulbury

September 20, 2013

We decided to get out of the workshop and office this week, to do a few home shots.

Have you got some Mulbury products in your home? Take a photo and send them to us, we'd love to see what you have done to make your space unique and complete.

Turning Japanese...

We framed some great Japanese prints this week. They generally have soft

pastel colours, but to make them a bit more vibrant, we added a black matt

which really added some contrast to pieces.

NEW product: Washington Square Side Table

Some great new industrial side table stands for the home in a variety of bright

colours. Only $95 each. Check out the Washington.

Fly guy finds Mulbury.....
On his recent jaunt to Melbourne, Fly Guy discovered Mulbury and a whole
other slew of great shops. Check out this great travel blog


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