How thick can my image be when installing it into your frames?



G'day everyone this video is going to give you an insight as to how thick your 
image can be when putting them into mulbury frames.
So our frames come with a piece of acrylic or glass which is two millimeters thick and a piece of backing board which is three millimeters thick and as you can see that fits in nicely into the frame so they're really designed for a poster or a piece of paper a painting something like that but if you have an image that's a bit thicker say two or three millimeters what you can do is you can take the backing board out and simply put your image in there in place of that and that'll sit nicely
in there.

You may be able to get away with something that's about four millimeters but two or three is ideal that's if you want to keep the acrylic sheet as well if you've got something a bit thicker that's maybe five or six millimeters even seven millimeters thick you do have the option to also remove the acrylic sheet.
Then you can put your entire image straight in and it should sit in there nice and comfortably. It is important to note the thickness of our timber can vary since the depth of our rebates isn't always exactly the same give or take a millimeter or so
Now if your image is thicker than say six millimeters the other option is our chunky style frames so here you can see this is our chunky style picture frames if you like theseas it's a bit thicker this is three centimeters deep and they come up to about four centimeters deep so we have the ability to cut a deeper rebate into these frames.

So if i was to get two pieces of our backing board which is about equivalent to six millimeters you can see that it'll slide in there nice and easy but if you need  something a bit deeper than that you will need to get in touch with us and we can cut a rebate. 

You may have a painting on a piece of plywood or something like that and we'll cut the depth off the rebate according to your image. If you have anything thicker than say seven or eight millimeters you need to get in touch with us and we may need to make a box frame for you.

Other than that if you've got any questions please shoot us an email hello at and we'll be happy to help you out, thanks a lot.

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