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Vertical Gardens - How to get your Vertical Garden setup!

January 15, 2021

How to make Vertical Gardens

Mulbury - Vertical Garden Setup & Care 

Included with the Planter -

  • Backing board
  • Drainage Holes
  • Hanging Clip
  • Packed full of enriching soil that your plants will love
  • Sphagnum moss will hold the soil in place
  • A wire mesh will hold everything together until your plants take root and bind it all together. 
  • Recycled timber frame giving you a Sustainable Vertical Garden

You will only need to add the plants to this great planter, and watch it thrive. We recommend succulents 💕🌿 

Can be placed indoors or outdoors (under cover - out of the weather), hanging on a wall or standing upright.                               

Here's how to get going:

After unpacking your planter, it is now ready for you to plant.

Use a dibber or some sort of pointed timber or even an old knitting needle.

Make a hole through the chicken wire.

If you want to plant larger plants, you may have to cut the chicken wire, fold back the cut part of the chicken wire, plant your larger plant and fold back chicken wire into place, tightly around the plant roots or base of the plant.

Place seeds, plant or cuttings into the hole and tamper down around the plant tightly.

Plant fully to cover whole area for an instant garden.

After planting, it is best to leave planter flat for about 3 weeks or until the plants have taken root.

To water planter, lay flat on a table or ground.

Water with a small jug, just directly onto the plants.

Try and not get water on the timber frame, as this will cause timber shrinkage and the mitres may open over time.

After the water has drained, hang on wall and admire your handy work.

To re-water, take down from wall, lay flat, water, and once water has drained, hang back up on wall.

This planter is designed to be hung undercover, as the weather today is harsh, and may cause timber movement.

As always, if you have any questions, please email us at hello@mulbury.com.au or give us a call on 03 9532 3424 during business hours. 

Happy planting!

How do I make a vertical garden?

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