Glass cupboard knob - Square

Pale Blue
Royal Blue
Deep Purple
Pale Green
Pale Pink-Grey

Hand cut glass cupboard knobs ready to add some colour to your kitchen. Much easier and cheaper than a paint job! Jazz up an old liquor cabinet or that set of drawers you found at a garage sale.

These are made from REAL glass. Not plastic!
Approximate dimensions:
Small:     25mm x 25mm.
Medium: 35mm x 35mm
Length of the knobs including the threaded rod varies and is approximately 30mm - 70mm.

- Clear
- Amber
- Pale Green
- Green
- Pale Blue
- Blue
- Royal Blue (Almost purple)
- Deep Purple (Can look Black from certain angles)
- Pale Pink-Grey (It is extremely hard to describe this colour, have a look at the pic and see if you like it!)

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