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It would be so much easier if everyone's doors were labelled..... no more accidently walking into closets & opening every door in the hallway. Make the world a better place with these industrial water closet signs.

Dimensions: 270mm (L) x 185mm (H) x 33mm (W)

Customer Reviews

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Great Service, Awesome Products

All i have to say is i love my signs and will most certainly be buying more things from Mulbury. Service was excellent and the products i received were delivered on time and were of great quality.

Great Service!

I saw the WC sign on Mulbury's site and noticed it came in two colours/finishes. I ordered the blue one online, then thought I wonder if I could get one that was more black in colour than blue. I called the showroom, spoke to a really nice lady (can't remember her name) who asked me to hold on a minute while she checked the stock. She came back to the phone and said there was one that was 95% black and she would package it that day for me. I was pretty impressed at the fact she could actually pick the exact thing I wanted - so used to ordering from impersonal sites where you can't speak to anyone on the phone, and if you do it's usually a call centre etc.
The sign arrived, I thought it would still have more blue in it than I wanted, but it was perfect!
I haven't had the chance to order anything else from Mulbury, but definitely looking forward to my next purchase.

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