A few tips on selecting the perfect picture frame, our Competition continues for the MIFGS 2016, and some of our favourite custom framing shots of the week. 

Selecting the correct picture frame for your image can be simple, or a long and gruelling process depending how you go about it. Here’s some helpful tips to streamline your selection process.

Firstly, work out where you want your picture frame to be hanging. Take your image to the location. Hold it up against the wall and see how the colours of your image tie in with the surroundings. It will also give you some visual assistance as to what picture frame, and possibly a border, will work with your image. Think about the overall space you want to fill on the wall and then you can get an idea of how wide your picture frame should be. Also remember to take into account some room for a border if you would like one and note how wide you would like your frame to be. Utilising the right amount of space on your wall is important. 

Then its time to work out what type of picture frame you want. Will it be a dark or a light frame? What colour picture frame would be your preference? What material would you like your picture frame made from? We recommend an eco-friendly recycled timber picture frame :)  

Remember to take into account hanging your picture frame. Plaster walls require a stud to be found before putting a nail or screw into it. If you have brick walls special nails or bolts may be required. You may need to consider hiring a professional to hang the frame for you if it is quite large or heavy. 

Now it's time to take your image to your picture framer AKA MULBURY and check out first hand to see if it will all look how you envisaged. While the options in front of you may make you second guess your original decision, remember to keep the theme of your room in mind and all that surrounds.

If your image is quite busy with different colours, a simple dark or light frame is generally the best. If your image has only 2 or 3 colours, sometimes you can match it with a similar coloured border to really highlight and compliment the image. The possibilities are endless.

Glass, Non-reflective glass, Acrylic, or nothing at all? 

Regular 2mm glass is really the most common and is used in most picture frames. The benefit of glass is that it’s resistant to scratching and is easy to clean. The only disadvantage of glass is that it’s heavy and can be reflective depending on the space it is in.

Non-reflective glass can be a great option. You can see your artwork, even when hung in an area with lots of light. Disadvantages are some finer details of images can be lost, it is a little more expensive than regular glass and images are still able to fade from direct sunlight over time. 

Acrylic is used primarily for large picture frames as it is light weight. It is also very hard to damage so it is perfect for shipping. Disadvantages are it is a little more expensive than regular glass and it can be marked easier. A bit of TLC is required when installing images and cleaning. Acrylic should only be cleaned with soapy water or a soft damp towel. Never use paper towels as this will scratch acrylic. Whatever you do, don’t use any cleaners like ammonia or Windex on acrylic because that will ruin it. 

Take your time to make your decision as the final outcome can be better than you imagined given the right choice. Shopping around for options, new ideas and quotes is always worth the time. Listen to advice from your picture framer, remember to stick with what you are happy with and dare to be different if you please.


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Some recent custom picture framing:


A stunning USA Desert shot printed onto canvas sitting in side our                       Driftwood Chocolate Wax frame 

An outback desert shot in our Original Grey Frame

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