Mulbury was founded with the intention of disrupting the picture framing market by offering a sustainable alternative coupled with customer service to exceed all expectations.

We aim to inspire those wanting to sustainably decorate their home or workplace and create a sustainably minded community which is focused on craftsmanship, education and quality. In the 25+ years since we began, consumers have become increasingly aware of the need for sustainable and ethical retail practice. We are on a mission to ensure that the future is a responsible one which upholds these values.

It’s the small sustainable choices we make in our everyday lives that have the biggest impact. It may not seem like it at the time, but as more of us start to make conscious decisions to help the environment, the snowball effect will be enormous.

Our materials are sourced ensuring suppliers practice sustainable and ethical standards. All our timber is 100% recycled.

We manufacture all our products with the intention they will last a lifetime. We hope consumers will embrace buying quality products whilst also considering the environment.



Our Bubble Wrap, Bundle film and Packaging Tape are all biodegradable. We encourage our customers reuse these materials where possible. You can also recycle these materials (excluding packaging tape) in Redcycle soft plastic bins located at local supermarkets which we also highly encourage our customers to do. If our Bubble Wrap, Bundle Film and Packaging tape is put into landfill, it will break down in a matter of weeks or months depending on the temperature and moisture present in landfill. We also re-use cardboard boxes for some packaging. Cardboard can be put into your residential recycling bins provided it has no wax coating. Our shipping labels are home compostable.


General Operations

We incorporate sustainable practice throughout our business. Our printing is done on recycled paper, our kitchen has reusable coffee pods and sustainable coffee, and of course we recycle any waste possible. We continue to explore ways to minimise unwanted materials with the target of zero waste. We aim to align our operations with Goal 13 - Climate Action, of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


218750 kgs

(273,437 lineal metres)

Amount of timber landfill saved since 1994


Donations made from online sales since 2021 to various charities around the world.

Solar Powered

Energy consumption: 85% of our energy used is powered by solar power.

110 tonnes of Carbon Stored

Approximately 110 tonnes of carbon is stored in our timber annually.