Prepare to be Amazed: Sneak Peek into Mulbury's Realm 😲

Gerry takes you on a special, behind the scenes in the Mulbury workshop where we make our picture frames.

Take a look where the Mulbury picture frame magic happens in our workshop with our owner and framer Gerry where he discusses some of the joy and challenges of working with recycled timber. 

Watch video below.

Thanks to our resident artist Kerry Evitts for the video 💚

Video Stages:

Intro: 0:00
De-Nailing Timber: 0:12
The Thicknesser: 1:28
Dust Extractors: 2:33
Joining: 3:00

Welcome to Mulbury, where the magic happens! In this captivating behind-the-scenes video, join Gerry, the passionate owner of Mulbury, as he takes you on a fascinating journey through our workshop. Discover the joy and challenges of working with recycled timber and witness firsthand the intricate process that goes into creating our stunning pieces.

As Gerry guides you through the workshop, his enthusiasm is contagious. You'll meet Zoe, our extraordinary assistant, and get a glimpse of the incredible craftsmanship that defines Mulbury's identity.

The adventure begins as Gerry reveals the timber destined for our chunky frames. With a pinch bar in hand, he skilfully removes nails from the timber, ensuring the material is ready for its transformation. The timber, often weathered and rusty, undergoes meticulous scrutiny using a metal detector. Gerry's keen eye and expertise guarantee that only the finest pieces are selected for further processing. From nail extraction to careful marking, the attention to detail is evident at every step.

Wood Frame with white border

Diving deeper into the timber journey, Gerry shares insights into the different thicknesses of Australian hardwood, specifically eucalyptus timber. Mulbury's commitment to quality demands maintaining a substantial thickness. With precision and care, each piece is refined using specialised equipment like the thicknesser, resulting in a breathtaking transformation. Witness the dedication to sustainability as Gerry showcases the gasket factors, connected to routers, sensors, and table saws.

Efforts to minimise dust in the workshop are evident, and all clean sawdust finds purpose in supporting local chicken and mushroom farmers. Mulbury's commitment to eco-friendly practices is truly remarkable. One of the most crucial steps in the process is joining the frames. Gerry demonstrates the v-nailer, which skilfully secures the mitre with v-nails from the bottom, leaving no room for gaps or imperfections.

A level drawing guides this meticulous endeavour, ensuring a flawless finish that meets Mulbury's high standards. No Mulbury creation leaves the workshop without passing Gordy, the vigilant quality controller. Gordy's eagle eye and meticulous inspection guarantee that only the finest craftsmanship graces our customers' homes. With his seal of approval, you can trust in the impeccable quality of Mulbury's creations.

Chunky OIled Frame

Mulbury's commitment to excellence and sustainability is evident in every frame, every piece of furniture. The passion and dedication poured into each creation are apparent, resulting in countless compliments and satisfied customers. Gerry's infectious enthusiasm and the team's expertise create a harmonious synergy, making Mulbury a true master of their craft.

Discover the wonders of Mulbury's realm and immerse yourself in the artistry of recycled timber. Visit our website,, and witness the breathtaking results of Mulbury's labour of love. Embark on this mesmerizing journey and be inspired by the beauty and craftsmanship that define Mulbury's timeless creations. Prepare to be amazed! 💚

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Transcript from video:

Get excited everyone, we're going to take you behind the scenes at Mulberry. And here's Zoe, her lovely assistant extraordinaire.

We are at the back with Jerry. What are you up to there, Gerry? Oh wait, we do know. Some of this timber that we're going to use for the chunky frames. So, what we do is we use a pinch bar on this and we take the nails out and put them in there. And sometimes the nails are rusty, so they reach across and we get a metal detector and we go through. Can you hear that? Yeah. And so, then we mark that and those either got to be punched or taken out. So, there's plenty in here. Oh wow. So, that's what we're doing here, preparing the timber for the chunky frames. Wonderful. And how long would it typically take you to do that on each piece that size? It's every place is different. Some are soft, some are hard. Some, the nails come out nice and easy. Look, let me look at this. This one looks like it'll come out nice and easy. Yeah, some of them break off because they're rusted and they're the ones that create issues for us. Because when we go to our next step to prepare to clean up the timber, we've got to make sure that these nails are punched in or taken out. And if they're rusted and they're broken, we can't take them out. But anyway, look, it's a lot of fun and we enjoy what we do. So, working with the timber.

Gerry, can you tell us about the different thicknesses of the timber and how it affects your work? Yeah, certainly. So, what we're trying to do is when we get our timber in, this is all Australian hardwood, a eucalyptus timber. Again, they come from houses, wharfs, wherever they come from. We try and maintain a thickness as thick as possible. So, we've still got to dress it. So, what we do is we put it through our thicknesser like this and we clean it up. And the result is that after we clean it, that's what it looks like. Wow, okay. That's what it looks like. So, the problems and the pitfalls we have, sometimes you get timber that's really thick on one end and really thin on the other. So, that's where our experience and expertise comes in, and we have to maintain a certain level, a certain finish. Thanks, Gerry.

And can you tell us what these things are over here? These look interesting. Yeah, these are our gasket factors, and they're hooked up to our routers and sensors and table saws. What we do is we just try and keep this area as dust-free as possible, which is really impossible, but we try and do that. And all our clean sawdust goes to chicken farmers, mushroom farmers. So, we give away all this sawdust, and that's what we do. We try and not waste anything. So, it's a lot of fun. Wonderful. Sounds great.

Oh, what we're doing here is we're joining the frames. So, this is a vinyla, and it puts the v-nails from the bottom, as you can see there. So, we make sure that all the joins are nice and even, and there's no gaps or anything in it. So, that's what this machine does. It puts all the frames together for us. And what's the importance of that level drawing there without the gaps? It's... We are tradies here. We are tradesmen, so our finish is really important to us, and if we're not happy with a join, we want to leave this place before it leaves.

Here we have Gordy, who's our quality controller. Nothing passes him; he's an eagle eye from way back. So, nothing passes him at all. Sounds great. Well, I've seen the work, and there are always lots of compliments on it. So, people have the great work, Jerry. And it's great to be able to use this recycled timber. Thank you. Absolutely brilliant. Well done.

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