How to use Mulbury Black Boards

Our Blackboards are frames in our recycled timber frames in a variety of styles and sizes:

- Natural, Grey, Oiled, White Wash or Chocolate Wax.

- A4, A3, A2 and A1 (blackboard size).

We can also make custom sizes! Feel free to contact us.

Timber frame width is 4cm approximately.

Frames come strung both portrait and landscape.

All frames are made from recycled timber so colour, nail holes, grooves, knots and overall appearance will vary for each frame. 

The below video provides information on the chalk to use on our boards along with how to clean the boards. 💚 



if you are working with a Mulbury chalkboard that we make here handmade on site in Highett we recommend that you do not use liquid chalks they'll stain your board and even when you try and wipe it clean they won't come clean we recommend you just use regular chalks regular sidewalk chalks these are some crayola ones but you can also use some of these no issues

to clean off just use a wet rag

to wipe clean better than using your old duster which might not come off um and you've got a beautiful surface ready to go again if you use your liquid chalks that won't happen you will get a terrible stain have fun with your chalks people

the other thing we recommend when you are using your beautiful mulberry chalkboard is when you are chalking it up to grab yourself a cup of boiling water when you're marking the chalkboard up just to dip your chalk in first before you do your writing

and this will give much even coverage better color it's wet right here but as it dries the color will come up you'll get more even work and it'll be much better so take your chalk and dip into boiling water before you start marking up your chalkboard it's a happy hints from Mulbury

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