The Essential Guide to Chalkboards & Blackboards for Restaurants, Cafés, Hotels, and Bars

The Essential Guide to Chalkboards & Blackboards for Restaurants, Cafés, Hotels, and Bars

The most sustainable Wooden Frame Blackboards in Australia. 

Dive into the exciting world of blackboards! They're not just for schools anymore. Blackboards have found a new home and have become a staple in restaurants, cafés, hotels, and bars. They're cool, they're fun, and they're brimming with potential.

Blackboards bring a dynamic and unique charm to the culinary world. They serve as a vibrant canvas for displaying daily specials, new dishes, or inventive cocktails. They invite customers to discover and taste something fresh, keeping your menu exciting and your clientele engaged.

High-Quality: A Wise Investment

Don't settle for less when it comes to chalkboards. Our high-quality chalkboards in recycled wooden frame offer a smooth writing surface, easy cleaning, and resistance to ghosting or staining. This ensures they remain visually appealing and practical for a long time, reflecting the standard of your business.

Choosing the Perfect Chalkboard Online

Selecting the right chalkboard depends on your specific needs:

  1. Size: The size should align with its intended use and the available wall space. A large blackboard can become a captivating centerpiece.

  2. Material: The material affects its durability. Opt for quality materials that withstand frequent writing and erasing. A recycled timber frame around your blackboard will add warmth and unique charm to the room. 

  3. Frame: The frame is a key part of a blackboards aesthetic. Choose a style that complements your establishment's interior.

Unleashing the Potential!

Great black usage is an art. Here are some tips to enhance your chalkboard presentation skills:

  • Utilise colored chalk to draw attention and create a visually appealing display.
  • Keep your handwriting legible to ensure your customers can easily read the blackboard.
  • Update your blackboard regularly to keep your patrons excited and intrigued.

Style Your Business with Chalkboards

Blackboards are more than just writing boards; they're tools to amplify your establishment's personality, engage your customers, and broadcast your culinary creativity. Choose wisely, present smartly, and watch as your blackboard becomes a talking point amongst your patrons.

Our Blackboards and Chalkboards are framed using 100% recycled Australian wood.

  • Available in a selection of 5 different colours to suit your style
  • Available in 4 different sizes. 
  • Strung both ways to hang Portrait or Landscape
  • Shop online in Australia
  • We can deliver around the world. 
  • Eco-friendly
  • Custom sizes available - just get in touch and one of our friendly staff will assist. 

For more information on how to care for our blackboards, price, styles and sizes, view our product page here. 

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