Going Blue with Mulbury

Maryland bar stool $120Vintage Shutters $245Jose' Dining chair $120 

Old school coat hooks $5, Metal birds $10, "Q" stencil $15, "T" metal letter

$30, Carved coat hook rack $20Custom coloured picture frames

Wall Panel candle holder $45.



Ancient Granite Columns


Marine clock


Vintage display cabinet


Silk artwork in a chocolat' driftwood frame.


Map of Phillip Island in a Natural driftwood frame


Wide oiled frame


Chunky waxed frame



Deadlocks & Driftwood



Greatest artwork ever? Some of us here is the workshop AGREE. Others,

not so much.




La Niche Cafe!

These guys live next door to our Fitzroy store and generally

are responsible for kick starting us every morning with their

great coffee and AWESOME croissants and pain au chocolat's.

For amazing French fare, drinks, coffee and atmosphere,

check out La Niche cafe.


From Shannan: "This is a photo of my son Kade. I love this photo because

it makes me smile!"



From Lesley:  "My little patch of heaven for the night"



From John & Michelle: "Taken of my son, James, on holiday in Iceland.

Makes me remember childhood and reimburses belief that wishes can come

true. Travel the world James!!!"



From Catherine: "This is a photo I took on our farm a couple of years ago,

of my three beautiful girls ( I may be a little biased!)"

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