Welcome our newest resident artist Kerry Evitts 💚

Welcome to our newest resident artist, Kerry Evitts!

Kerry Evitts Art

Art Description

Never static and always learning and growing, Kerry loves exploring her art and experimenting with new techniques and mediums. Her paintings are always joyful and optimistic and give an uplifting sense of positivity to their audience. Kerry’s work resonates particularly well in modern interiors, adding a bold pop of colour and an energetic vibrancy to any space they occupy.

Artist’s Statement

Painting is my mental escape, my peace and my joy! I lead a busy life with three small people in tow and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Art helps me to manage my mental health and maintain a positive outlook. I get both lost and found in my art and feel a deep sense of gratitude that I am able to be creative and share my work with people all over the world.

Blue Mountains by Kerry Evitts


Kerry Evitts is a British-born, Melbourne-based painter, designer, psychotherapist and mother. Kerry’s paintings are vibrant and full of life, bursting with happiness and strength. Her work is a symbolic expression of the power of the mind to embrace an optimistic outlook. Kerry believes in creating a synergy between her art and its audience; imbuing her art with her positive energy to draw a positive audience.

Kerry was creative from an early age and has always drawn peace and a sense of recalibration through artistic pursuits. As a troubled teenager Kerry found solace experimenting with new techniques and mediums, eventually managing to draw herself out of the darkest pits of depression. The unbridled joy in Kerry’s work stems from the fact that in a very real sense art has saved her life.

After emigrating to Australia at 18, Kerry’s love of helping others led her to studying and working as a psychotherapist for many years. With the birth of her three children, Kerry found herself returning to art to rediscover herself and manage her mental health. Joyful and joy-inducing, Kerry’s work is inspired by the subconscious minds as well as colour and the natural world.

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Kerry's showroom is located at Mulbury, 26 Advantage Rd, HIghett VIC 3190. 

Kerry Evitts Mural

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