Turning Memories into treasures: Photo frames from old school floorboards!

Turning Memories into Treasures: Toorak College's Sustainable Graduation Gift

We were approached by Toorak College in Mount Eliza to make picture frames from Tasmanian Oak floorboards from an old building of theirs.  


In a heartwarming initiative to preserve cherished memories and promote sustainability, Toorak College in Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia, approached Mulbury, a renowned company specialising in upcycling, to create 150 picture frames. These eco-friendly frames were crafted from Tasmanian Oak floorboards that once adorned the floors of the school's old building. This article delves into the inspiring journey of repurposing history and turning it into timeless treasures.

A Second Life for Nostalgic Timber

The video showcases Gerry from Mulbury, proudly displaying the 150 picture frames crafted for Toorak College. The Tasmanian Oak Timber, boasting a beautiful patina that tells tales of countless footsteps, laughter, and dreams, is now finding a new purpose on the walls of graduates' homes. Instead of allowing the floorboards to meet an unfortunate fate in landfills or bonfires, Toorak College decided to take a sustainable route and recycle them into meaningful gifts.

Recycled Tasmanian Oak Flooring Photo Frames Australia

Reviving Childhood Memories

Gerry acknowledges the significance of these floors, reminiscing about how many children must have played and learned on them. It's a place where dreams took flight, and the foundations of countless success stories were laid. By transforming the timber into picture frames, Toorak College aims to extend these precious memories beyond graduation day and into the lives of its students, capturing the essence of their formative years.

From Waste to Wonder: The Power of Recycling

At a time when environmental consciousness is paramount, Toorak College's decision to recycle the floorboards speaks volumes about their commitment to sustainable practices. The world is awakening to the importance of repurposing and making eco-conscious lifestyle choices. With Mulbury's expertise in upcycling, these old floorboards have found a new purpose, reducing waste and leaving a positive impact on the environment.

Gerry from Mulbury. Photo frames Australia online.

Mulbury: The Ultimate Recycling Partner

Gerry expresses his admiration for the frames, highlighting their beauty and versatility. Each frame carries a piece of history, showcasing the weathered side that bears the patina of time. It's a testament to the artistry of repurposing, where the journey from floor to wall symbolises a remarkable transformation. Mulbury's dedication to breathing new life into discarded materials has made them the go-to partner for institutions like Toorak College, seeking to contribute positively to the environment.

Cherishing Every Moment

As Gerry reflects on the frames, he emphasises the importance of enjoyment and cherishing each day. Life is about having fun, appreciating the beauty around us, and treasuring the memories we create. With these frames adorning the walls of graduates' homes, the gift goes beyond aesthetics; it becomes a constant reminder of the joyous times spent at Toorak College and the lasting friendships made.

Oak Photo Frames Australia. The best picture frames in Australia.

Toorak College's collaboration with Mulbury in crafting 150 picture frames from old Tasmanian Oak floorboards is a heartening example of sustainable creativity and the preservation of precious memories. By repurposing history, the school has not only given its graduates a unique and meaningful gift but has also demonstrated its commitment to environmental responsibility. Each frame serves as a bridge between the past and the future, ensuring that the legacy of Toorak College lives on in the hearts of its students for generations to come.

Toorak College's endeavor showcases the beauty of sustainability and the power of transformation. Through this blog article, we celebrate the meaningful collaboration between Mulbury and Toorak College, inspiring others to follow suit and embark on a journey of sustainable innovation and nostalgia-driven creations.


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Transcript from video:

Hi, this is Gerry from Mulbury.

We just made 150 frames. Like this—these are for one of our clients, Toorak College in Mornington. It comes from an old school hall that they had. They've had to take up the floorboards, so rather than going to landfill or waste or being burnt, they have contacted us to recycle these boards.

And so, we've made 150 of these—100 A4s and 50 A3s. There's a beautiful Tassie Oak Timber hardwood. Can you imagine how many children would have played on these floors? How many dreams were made there in their education system? This is where it all started, and now maybe they can put some of these on the walls as part of their childhood memories.

So, there would have been, I don't know, hundreds, maybe thousands of kids who would have walked and played on these floors and had a lot of fun. And that's what life's about—it's all about fun. We've got to enjoy it, smile, and cherish every day. Repurpose everything, and now more and more people are thinking about the environment when they make their lifestyle choices. Toorak College has thought about it, and they said, 'Oh, well, we've got to recycle—who can do it?' Mulberry, of course! Who else can do it?

So, that's what we've done with this, and I just think they're absolutely sensational. They're beautiful. Look at them! You could use any side, but this side's got the patina on it from the history. So now, it's serving another life. As someone said to me, 'Here, from floor to wall,' and I think that's a good quote.

So, you know, it's just—we're all about repurposing and making sure that this timber doesn't go to landfill."

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