Outdoors Indoors and more....

Lorne chairs $99 each, Cafe table $180, Ancient

granite columns $750 each, Vintage temple windows

from $345 each.


Oils spoons from $3, Buddha head $15, Tea tasting tin $10, Roof tile candle

$30 each, Concrete baskets from $38.


Mini rubbish bin / planter $15




 Yokohama shipping light - awesome glass bubble lens! $220 each

 Osaka shipping light $220

Tokyo shipping light $220 each


 "The Great Race" housed in an Original Oiled frame.

 "Birds" Housed in an Original chocolat' wax frame 


Some more competition entries. Get yours in now!

From John:

"This was my little friend while rock climbing in Nowra one afternoon. This

image takes me back to the dizzying heights of the tree tops".


From Debbie:

"This is me para gliding in Phuket last year. I have wonderful memories of

this place and to me its my second home". 


From Alex:

"Jet lag has some benefits - insomnia and a crisp winter's morning dragged

me outside to snare this gem, who knew the world existed at 5AM?"

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