Mulbury's Ultimate Guide to Picture Frame Sizes: A Handy Aussie Conversion Chart for Photo frames.

Standard Picture Frame Sizes and Photo frame sizes in Australia. 

Standard picture frame sizes relevant in Australia to help you select the perfect photo frame size.

Ah, framing a photo. It’s not rocket science, but choosing the right frame size can feel like it. Between cm and inches, A0 and A5, and the seemingly random numbers that appear on frame labels, it can be a bit of a minefield. Worry not! We've got you covered like a kangaroo's pouch. 🦘

Common Picture Frame Sizes in both Centimetres and Inches

Alright, let's cut to the chase. Here's a quick reference chart, in glorious metric and imperial units, for your favourite artworks and snaps.

Poster and Paper Picture Frame Sizes Comparison Table 

Paper Size Exact Size in cm
A5 14.8 x 21 cm
A4 21 x 29.7 cm
A3 29.7 x 42 cm
A2 42 x 59.4 cm
A1 59.4 x 84.1 cm
A0 84.1 x 118.8 cm


Popular photo frame sizes

Size in Inches Exact Size in cm
4 x 6 10.2 x 15.2 cm
5 x 7 12.7 x 17.8 cm
6 x 8 15.2 x 20.3 cm
8 x 10 20.3 x 25.4 cm
12 x 16 30.5 x 40.6 cm
16 x 20 40.6 x 50.8 cm


Standard Square Picture Frame Comparison Table 

Size in Inches Exact Size in cm
4 x 4 10.2 x 10.2 cm
5 x 5 12.8 x 12.8 cm
6 x 6 15.2 x 15.2 cm
8 x 8 20.3 x 20.3 cm
12 x 12 30.5 x 30.5 cm


The Big Aussie Frame-Off: Most Common Frame Sizes Down Under

The Classic 4"x6".
These bad boys measure 10.2 x 15.2 cm and are as common as Vegemite on toast. They're the old school standard photo size. If you fancy adding a mat board, then a 6x8" or an 8x10" frame will give your photo the VIP treatment it deserves.

The Sophisticated 5"x7", 6"x8" or 8"x10".
Not too big, not too small. Can stand freely and perfect for your mantlepiece or to pretend your desk is actually organised. 

The Show-Stopper 8"x12" - A taller and narrower frame which has a different aspect ratio but still a common size. 

A4. Possibly the most popular size in the land of Oz. Certificates and prints typically come in A4 size. 

Just right - 16"x12" & A3.
Perfect for that smaller poster or larger photograph. A medium size frame and a great size to capture attention on your wall. 

The Majestic 16x20"
A whopping 40.6 x 50.8 cm, this size is reserved for photos you'd want to be seen from the moon. Perfect for wedding and family photos that you want to show off like a peacock. 

A2, A1 & A0. These sizes are typical poster sizes and it really depends on how large you want to go! See below charts. 

Bonus tip - If you're purchasing a print online, keep an eye on the size. There's less common standard frames sizes such as A4+, A3+, A2+ and so on. Don't let the "+" symbol catch you out!

Some more helpful standard frame size tables below. 

A Series vs Standard photo size chart.

- same same but different enough, just so you know the difference.

Paper Size Exact Size in cm Photo Size Exact Size in cm
A5 14.8 x 21 cm 6 x 8 15.2 x 20.3cm
A4 21 x 29.7 cm 8 x 12 20.3 x 30.5cm
A3 29.7 x 42 cm 12 x 16 30.5 x 40.7cm

A+ series size chart

Extended A+ Series Exact Size in cm
A4+ 25 x 33.7 cm
A3+ 32.9 x 48.3 cm
A2+ 43.2 x 63.5 cm
A1+ 60.9 x 91.4 cm

129.2 x 91.4 cm 


Now just when you think you know all there is about frame sizes, there's a B series! Whaaaat? 

Like the A+ series above it's less common but it may pop up in your life sooner or later. So here's the B size picture frames just in case you need it 🙂

B-Series Exact Size in cm
B0 100 x 141 cm
B1 70.7 x 100 cm
B2 50 x 71 cm
B3 35.3 x 50 cm
B4 25 x 35.3 cm
B5 17.6 x 25 cm
B6 12.5 x 17.6 cm


Measuring your image size and how it will look inside a picture frame. 

When it comes to accurately measuring an image for a photo frame, it's crucial to be precise. To start, lay your image flat on a clean, level surface and use a reliable ruler or tape measure to gauge the dimensions. Measure both the width and height of the image, ensuring that the ruler is perfectly aligned along the edges. Take note of these dimensions, as you'll need them to select the appropriate frame size. Double-check your measurements to ensure they're spot-on; even a small miscalculation can make a noticeable difference in how your image sits within the frame.

Custom picture framing Australia

When your image sits inside the frame, a few millimetres will be lost inside the rebate of the frame which is standard for all picture frames. The reason behind this is to avoid any gap between the image and the inside of the frame. If you want to see the whole image from edge to edge, speak to your picture framer about options for this.  

Embarking on the journey of finding the ideal picture frame size and style may appear overwhelming at first glance. However, armed with the appropriate knowledge, you will uncover the perfect frame to enhance any beloved photo or artwork.

Keep in mind that relying on standard frame sizes in centimeters can greatly simplify your quest, although it's important to keep custom picture frames in mind for those unique or non-standard sizes.

The size of the frame you ultimately select holds the power to significantly impact the visual appeal of your art or photo on your wall. When making your choice, take into account not only the dimensions, but also the style and material that will beautifully complement both the image and the ambiance of the room where it will be showcased. 

Custom framing Australia

In summary, here are the key points to remember:
- Frame size is crucial: Always measure your image and mat accurately.
- Standard vs Custom: Standard frame sizes are convenient but custom picture frames offer more flexibility.
- The Importance of Style: The frame should complement both your image and your room's decor.
- Consult frame size charts for popular photo frame sizes.
- When in doubt, opting for a slightly larger frame with a mat can enhance the photo within.
- Browse through a huge range of frames online to get a better idea of what suits your needs.

Your frame choice will not only affect the visual appeal of your image but also its longevity, so take your time to find the perfect frame. Whether you're looking for a frame for a family photo, a piece of wall art, or even a panoramic picture, remember that the right picture frame size and style can make all the difference.

And remember to always ask for help from your picture framer if you need it, happy framing! 

Custom photo frames Australia

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