Planning for the warmer months ahead

Spring is in the air! Things are getting warmer and there are indeed a LOT of outdoorsy things being planned and staged over town! It's time to start planing your Spring / Summer goals now. New garden? Veggie patch? A summer camping trip? Let us know!
We now have our Highett workshop up and running complete with a brand spanking new looking showroom, so come down for a peek. We plan to brighten things up here in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for NEW products, NEW looks and NEW colours.
Summer in Slovenia!
I was lucky enough to head to the travel through the beautiful land of Slovenia in early August and as you can tell by the picture of amazing Lake Bled above, it really got me revved up on the spring and summer on it's way back home. Sometimes you get caught off guard when the warmer weather comes around. We're all stuck in our winter ways and just go about our daily routine - Yes, I know how busy we can all get! But we should all remember that old saying, "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail".
Don't let the warmer months pass you by! Write a list of what you plan to achieve, daylight saving is particularly useful for extra time outdoors, so remember all those things you put off during winter because it was raining outside? Now's the time!
Me? Of course, what do I plan to do over the next 6 months? Here is my list to date:
A bike ride once a week
Fix up a few little issues with my Ek Holden - then drive her as much as possible!
Surf once at least every fortnight
Start boxing classes
At least 2 weekends away
Set up a projector and have a few outdoor movie nights in our backyard
That's my list so far, any tips, suggestions etc are welcome!

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