What to expect when you receive your Recycled Timber Picture Frames

The beauty of framing with recycled timber is having natural timber grain and character complimenting your photos or artwork. The harder part is not knowing exactly what your frame is going to look like in terms of colour and character until you receive it. You may have a general idea of what to expect, but it’s always best to have an open mind and expect the unexpected. You will also be choosing a more sustainable option by helping to reduce landfill.

So to help you with your decision making when purchasing a Mulbury frame, we’ve listed some of the possibilities in the variation of colour and character of your picture frame.


If you visit our Picture Frames section and select any of the products, you will see a number of photos in the one style. Each frame is different from the next. This is to give you an idea of the natural variance in colour. There tends to be more colour variance in our Oiled and Natural frames and to a lesser extent our Grey and Chocolate Wax frames.

Examples of the variance in colour and character for our Natural style frames:

Recycled Oak coloured pic turn frames Australia. 5 x 5, 6 x 6 picture frames Light coloured wood photo frames. How do I decide which picture frames to purchase? Light coloured timber picture frames. Where can I get quick delivery on picture frames in Australia?  


Our frames will often contain several nail holes. The nail holes are common in all our styles of frames, and even more so in our Chunky Oiled style. The holes are a part of the timbers previous life.

Our Driftwood range is a little different and not available in our standard sizes. It can only be custom made and will rarely have nail holes. Our Driftwood range can come with straight edges or irregular shaped edges, also known as ‘live’ edges or ‘natural’ edges.

All our frames will have unique timber grains and may display knots and grooves.

Chunky Oiled Custom picture frame. Where can I buy Driftwood frames in Australia?


Here’s what our frames feel like, just in case you’re interested:

Oiled:                   Lightly sanded back timber with a slightly rough texture.

Natural:               Lightly sanded back timber with a slightly rough texture.

Grey:                   Rough. This timber has not been sanded and is still in its original     form.

White Wash:         Lightly sanded back timber with a slightly rough texture. The paint absorbs into the timber still maintaining grain when felt.

Chocolate Wax:   The wax gives this frame a smooth texture.

Two Tone:             The paint has slightly absorbed into the timber a but grain can still be felt. The Oiled part of the frame is the same as the Oiled description above.

The sides and the back of our picture frames

After we have trimmed the timber down to size, the sides of the timber frames show a natural colour. This colour will match the front of the frame for our Natural style frame and it will be painted over for our White Wash style and Chocolate Wax style.

There may be a colour variance from the front of the frame to the side of the frame in our Oiled and Grey style frames. See below photo as an example.

The back of our picture frames are lightly sanded and will be a natural colour similar to its original state. You may experience some splits near the nail holes and other irregularities in the timber but please be assured that only the highest quality recycled timber has been selected for your frame and it will last for decades.


The width of our frames is stated in the description of each product.

Slim – 25mm

Original – 40mm

Wide – 85mm

Chunky – 60 to 70mm

Driftwood can vary from 70mm – 140mm


The depth of our frames is approximately:

Slim – 15mm

Original – 15mm

Wide – 15mm

Chunky – 40 to 50mm

Driftwood – 20mm


Our Slim and Original frames are fairly light weight. The Wide frames start to get a little heavier depending on size.

The Chunky frames and Driftwood Frames are the heaviest. As these frames get to sizes above A2 (594 x 420mm), we need to start taking extra care on how we hang these frames due to the weight. It is always best to hang these style frames across 2-3 screws in your wall so the weight is distributed and not reliant all on one point. If you have a very large frame, it is worth considering having it professionally installed. Mulbury can also provide a Z-Bar bracket at an additional cost of $99 which will assist you if you if you choose to hang the frame yourself. Please contact us for more info regarding the Z-Bar bracket. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on the details below:

 E: hello@mulbury.com.au

 P: +61 (0) 3 9532 3424

Happy framing!

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