Wildwood Maps - Celebrating the land through hand-drawn, bespoke maps.

Do you have a love for the Australian or New Zealand landscape?

In our 26 years of using recycled timber to make picture frames, we know our frames work hand in hand with the likes of nature photography, outdoor wedding photos, aboriginal art and the list goes on. One style of art we never expected was hand-drawn maps. 

In 2020 we were introduced to the work of Alexander Broers from Cartography Chronicles and boy, was it a match made in heaven! 

We love the intricate details in each hand-drawn map showing the time and patience Alex has taken. 

"My inspiration came from a eclectic mix of sources that I've enjoyed over the years; some of these are Patrick O' Brian's famous Aubrey and Maturin novels, many outdoor adventures, Christopher Tolkien's own maps, travelling to distant countries, reading Wilfred Thesiger's biography on crossing the Empty Quarter Desert (I didn't finish it but the map is epic!), dabbling in fine art, and more."

Western Australia Wildwood maps

In Early 2022, Alex changed the name of the business to Wildwood Maps. 

To see more Wildwood Maps, checkout our video below or click on the links below. 

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