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How to Choose the Perfect Mosaic Photo Frame

Choosing the right frame for your mosaic art can feel a bit like picking out the perfect outfit. You want something that complements your piece, makes it stand out, and ensures it stays in top-notch condition. Here’s your go-to guide for making the best choice!

Artist: Jacqui McCooke  |  Website  |  Instagram

Mosaic Art: A Quick Refresher

Mosaic art is like a giant jigsaw puzzle with pieces made from glass, stained glass, stone, or ceramics, creating vibrant and intricate designs. It’s been around forever, but each piece is unique, and that means your frame choice is crucial.

Mosaic Frame Style: The Big Decision

1. Match the Theme and Colours
   - Think of your frame as the wingman to your mosaic. If your works of art are loud and proud with bright colours, a simple, neutral frame will keep it grounded. On the flip side, a subtle mosaic can benefit from a frame with a bit of pizzazz.

2. Consider Your Decor
   - A gorgeous frame should fit in with the rest of your room’s decor. Got a modern, sleek space? Go for a minimalist black frame. Living in a cozy, rustic cabin? A traditional wooden frame might be your best bet.

3. Add Some Depth with Shadow Lines
   - Jacqui McCooke, our in-house mosaic magician, swears by shadow lines. This technique involves setting the mosaic back from the frame’s surface, creating a cool 3D effect that adds depth and makes the artwork pop.

4. Material and Finish Matter
   - Wooden frames add warmth and a natural touch, perfect for earthy mosaics. Black or White frames give off a sleek, modern vibe, ideal for contemporary designs. Choose a style that vibes with your mosaic and your space.

More incredible mosaic art by Jacqui McCooke

Practical Stuff You Can’t Ignore

1. Durability and Protection
   - Your frame isn’t just there to look pretty. It needs to protect your mosaic, too. Make sure it’s sturdy and secure. If your mosaic includes delicate materials like glass tiles.

2. Size and Proportion
   - Size matters! An oversized frame can drown a small mosaic, while a tiny frame on a big piece just looks sad. Measure your artwork and choose a frame that fits just right.

3. Ease of Hanging
   - Don’t overlook the hanging part. Some frames come with hanging hardware, making your life easier. For heavier mosaics, ensure the hanging method is strong enough to keep it on the wall and not on the floor.

Wrapping It Up

Picking the perfect frame for your mosaic art isn’t rocket science, but it does require a bit of thought. The frame should complement your artwork, match your decor, and provide the protection it needs. With these tips, your mosaic art will not only look stunning but also stand the test of time.

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Transcript from video:

Hi, this is Gerry from Mulbury. Today, we're going to show you how to frame and hang a mosaic artwork. Mosaic art is an ancient form of artwork that has been used for a long time. Essentially, you break down materials and put them together to create an art form. Here is an example of what it looks like.

Now, we're going to hang it on the wall. Since it's a landscape, we're going to use two nails: one here and one over here. You might be wondering whose mosaic art this is. This is by Jacqui McCooke, our resident mosaic artist. Her business is called Mosaic Bliss. Jacqui adheres the mosaics to the backing board after painting the edges black. For this piece, she selected a dark frame and incorporated a shadow line to add depth. If you come closer, you can see how the shadow line and dark frame create a sense of depth. The mosaic is set back a bit from the surface of the frame, enhancing its presentation.

Jacqui is a truly amazing mosaic artist, and this is just a snippet of what you can achieve. Visit our website, Mosaic Bliss, to see more of her work. Here is the back of the frame, showing how it is stapled onto the backing board. The colour of the frame is a personal choice. Jacqui chose a dark timber frame for this piece to create a boundary.

Let me show you another frame that Jacqui has worked on. For this piece, she used an existing frame and made the mosaic fit tightly into the corners, eliminating the shadow line. This method keeps the mosaic at about the same surface level as the frame, which adds character to the work. For this piece, Jacqui chose a lighter Victorian Ash frame to complement her mosaic work. Ultimately, the choice of frame is a matter of personal taste. You can choose whatever suits you best, as what works for one person might not work for another.

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