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Wall Hooks and Coat Hooks for coats, hats, keys, scarves and more. 

Welcome to our latest home must-have – the Colourful, Strong, Decorative Wall Hooks! These little beauties are more than just wall mounted coat hooks; they're the perfect blend of style, strength, and sassiness, bringing a whole new level of organisation to your home with a pinch of fun!

 Why You'll Love These Wall Coat Hooks.

First off, let's talk about their dashing good looks. Available in eight delightful colours – Black, White, Blue, Brown, Red, Dark Green, Yellow, and Gold – these hooks are like the fashionistas of the wall hook world. They don't just hang your stuff; they do it with flair!

Easy-Peasy Installation.

Scared of DIY? Fear not! Installing these hooks is as easy as pie – and twice as satisfying. All you need are two screws (not included, because we know you've got a secret collection in that junk drawer), and voilà! You're an installation wizard. Plus, with dimensions of 190mm high, 50mm wide, and 60mm deep, they're the perfect size for... well, just about anything!

Strong wall hooks online Australia

Strength and Sustainability – A Match Made in Heaven.

Made from high-quality recycled metal, these hooks aren't just pretty faces. They're tough enough to handle your heaviest winter coat, the kids' school bags, or even that awkwardly heavy bathrobe you swear you don't wear all day. And with their eco-friendly credentials, you're not just organising your home – you're helping the planet, one hook at a time!

Versatility is Their Middle Name.

Make your own wooden wall rack, jazz up the bathroom or entryway, or bring order to the chaos that is the kids' room. These hooks can take it all in stride. The top hook protrudes 30mm from the wall, and the bottom one 60mm – perfect for everything from hats to bags to mysterious objects the kids bring home.

CLose up of red metal bathroom hook Australia.

Lightweight but Mighty.

Weighing in at a mere 125g, these hooks might seem dainty, but don't be fooled. They're like the little engines that could of the wall hook world, holding up with unwavering determination.

Colour Your World, or al least your entryway!

Whether you're a fan of minimalist chic or bold and brash, we've got a color to suit your style. Mix and match for a quirky look, or go uniform for that sleek, organised vibe. Either way, these hooks are the pop of color your walls didn't know they needed.

4 Black hooks coat rack for entrance, online Australia

Make your own wall coat rack!

Have a piece of long, thick timber lying around? Why not make your own wall hook rack to hang those hats and handbags. Need some guidance? Checkout this video we made earlier! - https://www.mulbury.com.au/blogs/helpful-tips/diy-coat-rack

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Original transcript from video: 

**Discover the Versatility of Our Wall Hanging Hooks**

In this article, we're going to cover everything you need to know about our wall hanging hooks. First and foremost, they are incredibly strong, made from metal, and capable of hanging just about anything you need. Whether it's a heavy coat, a jacket, hats, scarves, or keys, these hooks can handle it with ease.

**Dimensions and Colors**

In terms of size, these hooks are quite accommodating. They measure about 19 cm in height, 5 cm in width, and have a depth of approximately 6 cm. The widest part of the hook is around 23 mm, ideal for hanging items like belts or keys.

Color options are abundant! We offer eight different colors to match your decor. This includes dark green, light blue, matte white, matte black (which are our most popular), rich red, lovely brown, beautiful yellow, and a stunning gold.

**Installation Tips**

For installation, we recommend using a couple of screws through each hole. Ensure that the screw head is bigger than the hole, but the length of the screw should fit nicely through it. If you're making a coat rack, for example, make sure the screw isn't longer than the timber you're drilling into. These hooks install effortlessly into wooden walls, and you can also use nails if preferred.

If you're installing into a plaster wall, it's crucial to find the studs for your screws or nails. Consider the weight that the hook will bear, especially if you're hanging heavy items.

**Shipping Details**

We have these hooks readily available and usually ship them within one to two business days. Shipping is typically at a flat rate, so whether you need four or five hooks, or even more, we can accommodate your needs with our small or medium Australia Post Satchel. Additionally, we offer a 20-pack of these hooks with free shipping.

We hope this guide helps you understand the versatility and practicality of our wall hanging hooks. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or need further assistance.

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