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Our story

Mulbury's purpose is to help reduce landfill by recycling various materials into homeware. 

Mulbury's owner, Gerard Melder, was previously a builder by trade. He saw endless amounts of timber and other materials being thrown out on a daily basis. He thought that there is surely a way to recycle all these materials to stop so much waste being poured into our tips. 

Gerry started a part-time project of making picture frames from all the timber from his building sites and sold them at local markets around Melbourne. They were an instant hit and over 20 years later, Mulbury continues making these picture frames.  

Mulbury has since added furniture and homeware to it's list of products. Recycled materials are used as often as possible in all our products. 

We continue to sell more and more picture frames every year, so remember when you purchase a Mulbury product you are helping reduce landfill. 

Happy recycling.


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