Our Story

Mulbury's owner Gerard Melder was previously a builder by trade in the 1970's & 80's.

He saw endless amounts of timber and other materials being thrown out on a daily basis. As environmental awareness began to increase in the 1990's, he thought that there is surely a way to recycle the timber he saw going into landfill. 

In his backyard shed in Bentleigh East, Melbourne, Gerry started a part-time project of making picture frames from all the timber from his building sites and started selling the frames at local markets around Melbourne. They were an instant hit and he ventured out in other markets throughout the Mornington Peninsula and the Yarra Valley. 

In 1994, Mulbury was born. Over 25 years later, Mulbury continues making these picture frames.  

Our success is determined by the amount of landfill saved each year. From 1994 to 2020, we have saved approximately 218,000kgs (273,000 lineal metres) of timber from landfill. While that helps us sleep at night, there's still plenty more work to be done. 

Where does the name Mulbury come from?

When Gerry was a builder apprentice an old foreman by the name of Charlie took him under his wing and taught him quite a bit about timber, hard work and life in general. Charlie told Gerry that he needed to run his own business one day and not work for the man. Charlie said I should call the business Mulberry, meaning the fruit of ones labour. While Gerry thought this was a little corny the name stuck in his mind.

So in the honour of Charlie the business is named Mulbury, as Mulberry was already taken.

Happy recycling 💚




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