Some great info on our Custom Driftwood Frames!

Driftwood picture frames offer a uniqueness that cannot be replicated through uneven edges, various colour tones and timber grain. 

Our recycled timber is sourced locally in here in Melbourne, Australia from various building sites and homes. 

We generally receive hardwood and softwood timber that has endured the weather for 50 - 100 years and is of eucalyptus variants, mainly Victorian Ash or Mountain Ash. 

Below we have listed some information to help you make an educated decision on a Custom Made Driftwood Picture Frames:

  • Colour, shape, grain, holes etc are all unique with each piece of timber so we kindly ask customers keep an open mind if ordering
  • Straight or Irregular Edges available
  • Our Driftwood is available in average widths of 70mm, 90mm, 120mm, 140mm. Our Driftwood timber supply can be limited at times and we may not always be able to offer the 140mm width. 
  • Virtually any size you need made is possible, however we recommend the minimum size be around A3 (420 x 297mm) for all Driftwood frames. 
  • We can finish this timber in: Natural, Oiled, Clear Wax, Caramel Wax, Cherry Wax and Chocolate Wax.

See the below examples:  

Driftwood Natural frame with uneven edges. 

Driftwood Natural frame with uneven edges.

Driftwood Oiled frame with slightly uneven edges

Driftwood Oiled frame with natural live edges

Driftwood Clear Waxed frame with uneven edges. Timber with dark and light tones.

Clear Waxed Driftwood frame 

Driftwood Cherry Waxed frame with uneven edges. Gives subtle dark red undertones.

Driftwood Cherry Waxed custom frame made from recycled timber

Driftwood Chocolate Waxed frame with uneven edges. 

Driftwood Chocolate Wax frame

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