Sustainable Canvas Art Floater Frames by Mulbury

Reckon it's time to spill the beans about a beauty that's been a bit of an art world secret: Canvas Floating Frames.

You're probably thinking, "Well, I knew that already. What's the big deal?" The icing on the cake?

Our top-notch Floating Frames are crafted from recycled timber, how good is that! ✅

These aren't just your run-of-the-mill frames. No way, cobber. These are the superhero versions of floating frames. They don't just provide a sturdy frame; they take your canvas art to a whole new level, literally!

Just like a superman wouldn’t be complete without his cape, your canvas artwork would need some Canvas Stretching. Yes, you heard right! Before we get to the fun bit – the framing – we've got to stretch your canvas over a wooden frame. It's not about getting your canvas to do a sun salutation, but rather making sure it's taut and ready for its moment under the spotlight.

Caramel Wax Recycled Timber Floating Frame

Once the canvas is stretched, we fit it into a Floating Frame, creating a nifty 5mm gap – a shadow effect – between the edge of the canvas and the frame. The edge of the frame is about 10-12mm and the depth just depends on the thickness of your canvas. We can also accommodate any size canvas you want to display.

This innovative design acts like a mini-stage for your artwork, giving it the room it needs to really shine. It's a bit like the pedestal a sculpture stands on, but for your canvas! And, of course, we've added some sturdy string on the back for hanging on your wall.

Close up og floating frame

Now, let's talk choices. Here at Mulbury, we've got heaps. Looking for a natural (oak colour), grey (raw timber), clear wax, caramel wax, chocolate wax, cherry wax, black frame, or white frame? We've got 'em all! Think of our Custom Floating Frames as the sustainable, high-quality wardrobe for your canvas art. All our frames are made from recycled Victorian Ash timber, sourced right in Victoria, Australia. Colour can vary from the photos you see and our recycled timber could have the odd nail hole. 

Just a quick side note – if you want your canvas wrapped up in one of our standard frames instead, that's completely doable! Just head over to our Custom Framing and Picture Frame pages to check out these options.

Clear Wax floating frame

"But what if I'm not in Melbourne?" you might be wondering. No dramas, mate. Even if you can't nip over to our shop in Highett, Melbourne, to collect your frame, we can post it straight to your doorstep anywhere in Oz. Just provide us with the size of your canvas and your postcode.

We'd rather you drop off or send your canvas painting to us. That way, we can make sure the floating frame fits your canvas perfectly like a hand in a glove. It's a bit like getting a suit tailored – we want to make sure it's a perfect fit! If that's not an option, though, no worries. We can send you a Floating Picture Frame and screws for you to assemble at your end. Just make sure you’ve taken your measurements precisely.

Whether it's Canvas Stretching, or Floating Frames for Canvas, us folks at Mulbury have got your back. Our Custom Floating Frames aren't just about framing your canvas art but showcasing your art, your passions, and a piece of your heart. So don't dilly-dally – it's time to make your canvas stand out with our Canvas Art Frames!

And don't forget, we're always here to help with any questions. Although, if you're after the meaning of life – we're still trying to figure that one out ourselves. 💚

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