Lining Boards - Made from recycled timber

Lining Boards made from recycled timber

(For internal use only)

Where do the Lining Boards come from?

Our Lining Boards are sourced from construction sites throughout Victoria, Australia. All of our lining boards have been weathered for 35 – 50 years, so they have stood the test of time.

The timber, being Victorian or Mountain Ash hardwood, has been exposed to the elements under the hands and feet of Australian workers. Bearing the marks of this history, each piece is unique in its individuality, coming from where the weather and toil have left their mark. These distinct details complement the beautiful grain and character of the timber and are impossible to recreate or imitate authentically.

Every last centimetre of our timbers is milled, planed, sawed and crafted on-site in our dedicated workshop in Melbourne. If installed and maintained properly they will last a lifetime.

 Are the Lining Boards a sustainable product?

We take great care to seek out materials that support the environment, reduce carbon emissions and help us achieve our ultimate goal of zero waste production.

Mulbury, has a unique way of preparing these lining boards without hardly any waste at all, saving you money.

Any off-cuts are repurposed to become beautiful home ware which includes picture frames, coatracks, planters and furniture.

Our sawdust is collected by local market gardeners and it ultimately goes back into the ground. Feel free to get in touch with us if you would like some saw dust –

Our practice helps ensure the protection of Australia's old growth forests by providing an alternative supply of high-quality reclaimed timber.

How can I use the lining boards?

How you can use these lining boards is only limited by your imagination. You can use them as lining for feature walls and ceilings, use them as part of furniture projects, cubby houses, planters, the list goes on. You can even use them as kitchen splash backs, with clear glass in front of it. A customer of ours has used them in the bathroom as lining boards, finished off with a marine sealer. (As shown in one of the pictures below)

Lining boards can be installed vertical or horizontal, they are square dressed. They come in a variety of finishes, from natural, white washed, and a grey finish. They can be secured onto the studs or battens with a nail gun or industrial quality wood glue.

What size to the lining boards come in?

The lining boards are 8.5cm wide x 1cm thick and varied lengths of 50cm - 170cm.
The best way to calculate your quantities required is to measure your wall height (if boards will be horizontal) or width (if your boards will be vertical) and divide by 8.5cm, this gives you how many boards you require. Then measure the other length and this will length of each board approximately. We recommend you add 5% for off cuts etc. Mulbury is always help you with what you require.

View the Lining Board product page here.

Lining Boards - Bathroom - Recycled Timber

Lining Boards - Made from recycled timber


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