Picture Frames - The patient art of the handmade process

Giving you a sustainable alternative to Picture Framing 

When handcrafting our frames Mulbury only uses rescued Victorian Ash timber, we constantly remind ourselves that this is the timber that has been exposed to the elements under the hands and feet of Australian workers. We are respectful of the age of these beautiful timbers, we feel there's no point in sourcing old timber and then dressing it and finishing it to the point where it looks new. All Mulbury picture frames are finished, smooth and fine sanded, they are left natural or we use oils and waxes, to enhance and moisturise the grain and timber, giving you years of enjoyment. Preserving the techniques of fine joinery, can help us from the onslaught of mediocrity in furniture, homeware and housing.

In a world where most manual skills are shunned, we still believe in them, not only in the act of producing a better product, but the sheer joy of doing or becoming. We feel the pride in craftsmanship, of producing something of beauty, out of the timbers that are discarded or bound to waste or landfill.

Instead of a long battle with nature, to dominate her, we walk in step with her trees and admire her, realising the potential this timber has in store for us all. Each piece of timber not only has a different size and shape, but also colour and character, understanding each piece of timber from a tree has a distinctly different personality. 

Mulbury takes great care to seek out materials that support the environment, reduce carbon emissions and help us achieve our ultimate goal of zero waste production. We only use Australian hardwoods, and every frame we handcraft is unique and individual, no two will ever be the same.

Our practice helps ensure the protection of Australia's old growth forests by providing an alternative supply of high quality old wood. Mulbury is committed to promoting sustainability in every aspect of our Picture Framing manufacture.

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