Recycled Timber Breadboards: A Sustainable and Stylish Addition to Your Kitchen 👩🏽‍🍳

Made from recycled timber, these large boards can be used as a breadboard, chopping board or serving board!

A stylish and eco-friendly addition to any kitchen. Serve some crusty home baked bread, gourmet cheeses and some of your pickled onions and we dare say you'll have quite a nice little spread on your hands with plenty more room leftover. 

What makes these breadboards so special is not just their eco-friendly credentials, but also their rustic charm. Each breadboard is one-of-a-kind, with its own unique pattern and grain, making it a piece of functional art that you can use and display in your home. 💚

These boards require a food oil to be applied for protection. Simply apply with a clean cloth or brush. 
We recommend they are rinsed and wiped clean rather than soaked when cleaning. 

Approximate overall dimensions:
Round: 84cm long x 47cm wide x 2cm thick
Rectangle: 84cm long x 46cm wide x 2cm thick
WEIGHT: 2 - 3kgs approximately

View our bread board now here

Hear our owner Gerry give you some further insight in the below video:

 Transcript from video:

 If we look at these breadboards, I mean, they are just sensational. Now, do you like having, do you like having dinner parties?

I know I do, and I also like going to dinner parties, so please invite me to your next dinner party.

Now these are made from Acacia Timber, and they're all bits of timber that's joined together.

They're really durable because the handle and it's cut out of one piece, so it's not a handle that's added off.

These are, 70 by 45 centimeters, plus the handle, so they're fairly large. They can be used as an antipasto chopping board, um, a serving tray. You know you can make pizzas on them and serve them whatever you want, limited only by your imagination.

The other thing is the way you look after these is we recommend you use grapeseed oil. I mean, you don't soak them in water or anything because it's a natural timber, you just wipe it clean, and you'll have years of use out of it.

And it's a great sustainable addition to your kitchen, and you'll be proud of this. You can even gift these to other people. All right, thank you."

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