Camphor Laurel Recycled Wooden Dining Table - 10 Seater

What do you do when a Camphor Laurel tree falls over?

Make a splendorous dining table! 

This magnificent piece of Camphor Laurel timber comes from a fallen down tree in the Hunter Valley, NSW and is about 80 to 90 years old. 

How could this Recycled Wooden Dining Table look in your home?

Camphor Laurel timber is durable, strong and has a distinctive grain pattern making it ideal for furniture and is suitable for almost any style home - Modern, Contemporary, Rustic, Asian-Inspired, etc.

Camphor laurel (Cinnamomum camphora) is a species of evergreen tree native to China and Japan. It is often grown in Australia as an ornamental tree, or for use in hedges and screens.

It is used for a variety of purposes, including furniture-making, flooring, and cabinetry. 

We've built this table to last a lifetime! 

- Dimensions: 310cm long  x 115cm wide x 77cm high
- Recycled Hardwood Legs
- Ribbon joins for durability
- Seats 10 people comfortably or 14 people in a "friendly" setting
- The table top is natural. A coat can be applied if required. 
- Sustainably sourced. 
- Camphor Laurel timber is native to Japan and China.
*We have another piece of this timber on hand which can be custom made for a smaller sized dining table. Please get in touch -
Watch our owner Gerry talk about this beautiful table which he made: 


Transcript from video:

Hi, this is a slab of Camphor Laurel from the Hunter Valley. It's a fallen tree that has been lying on a farm for quite a while, and the guys I get it from, they get it and they'll slab it. So it's one piece; the whole slab is just one piece. It's around about three meters long by about 1100 wide by about four centimeters thick.

It's a beautiful piece. At the moment, it's just in its raw state. We haven't put any wax or sealers or anything, but if it's going to be used as a dining table, we would seal it. And then the colors will really jump out at you. These browns will come up really, really dark, and it's got a lot of character on it. So that's what it is - it's a rescued piece of timber, a fallen piece on a farm in the Hunter Valley, and it's come all the way to us.

There are some butterfly joints there, just for a little bit of a feature.

It's just so nice to touch. You'll be having dinner and you'll be rubbing your hands on it. That's what you'll be doing.

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