How to make a wooden coat rack - Video and Instructions

Welcome to the Wooden Coat Rack Masterclass, brought to you by Mulbury!

Get ready to impress your guests with your charming and practical creation. In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the steps to make a stunning DIY wooden coat rack that will organise your life in style. Let the crafting commence!

- One sturdy and rustic piece of timber, between 50cm and 100cm long, 2cm thick and 13cm high, having undergone the natural weathering process.
- A sprinkling of hooks, approximately three per 50cm of wood is golden. 
- Wood stain or paint 
- Sandpaper (to smooth out the rough edges)
- Measuring tape (to ensure it's the perfect size)
- Pencil (to sketch out your blueprint)
- Power drill (because we don't want to break a sweat)
- Drill bits
- Wood screws - 2 per hook (just a tad shorter than your timber thickness)
- Wall screws (to hang up your masterpiece)
- Alligator clips x 2
- Level 
- Safety glasses (because we don't mess around with safety)
- Ready, set, craft!

 Checkout the helpful video below or have a browse through our instructions.


Step 1: Get your timber game on-point. Find yourself a top-quality plank that's about 2cm thick and 13cm high. Then break out the sandpaper and get busy rubbing the surface to exactly how you want it. Want more rustic vibes? Go for a lighter sand. You could even slap on some paint or stain if it takes your fancy. Just make sure you let it dry off completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Bust out the tape measure and marker. Plan out where you want your hooks to go and mark those spots like a pro. It's best to start at either end and keep the hooks evenly spaced. We suggest 15-20cm between each one, depending on how many you're planning to use. Need an example to get those calculations going? Say you're working with a 70cm plank and using four hooks - pop those end hooks 5cm away from the edge and towards the centre of each hook to figure out the rest. Maths never looked so stylish.

To find the distance between the center of each hook, you can use the following steps:

  1. Calculate the remaining timber length after accounting for the 5cm space on each end.
  2. Divide the remaining timber length by the number of spaces between the hooks.
  3. The result will be the distance between the center of each hook.

Let's go through the steps:

  1. The total timber length is 70cm. Since there are 5cm spaces on both ends, the remaining timber length is 70cm - 5cm - 5cm = 60cm.
  2. There are 4 hooks, which means there are 3 spaces between them. Now, we'll divide the remaining timber length by the number of spaces: 60cm / 3 = 20cm.

So, the distance between the center of each hook on the coat rack is 20cm.

DIY Wooden Coat Rack Australia

Step 3: Get ready to drill and deliver. Don your sleek safety glasses and grab a power drill with the proper bit. Position yourself over the marked spot and pre-drill small holes to create a pilot anchor for your hooks. Don't be a splitter, drill nice countersinks to receive your trusty wood screws. Hook placement is key - keep 'em level across the timber plank. 

Step 4: Hook it up, baby. Give that timber plank a sturdy spot on a workbench, and screw in those hooks to the pre-drilled pilot holes. Tighten her up good and tight, and check that each hook is securely fastened. Your coat rack will be hanging like a boss in no time.

Step 5: Hangin' that coat rack up high! First, secure an alligator clip on each top corner to latch onto the wall. Then, scout the perfect spot on the wall to show off your rack. Use a level to make sure it's straight as an arrow, and mark where the screws need to go, placed neatly under the alligator clips at the back. Drill a pilot hole into the wall, pop in the screws, and boom! The rack is ready to be placed on top. Make sure it's firmly attached to the wall by giving it a gentle push down.

Ta-da! You've turned into quite the bonafide handyman/woman with this one-of-a-kind DIY coat rack.

P.S. - Need some hooks for your coat rack? Check out our sturdy and colourful hook range here.

P.P.S. - If DIY isn't really your jam, no worries. Check out our pre-made options - we've got some seriously cool driftwood coat racks ready for you to snag.

Black Hook Coat Rack Australia

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