Shadow Box Frames - All you need to know.

Shadow Box Picture Frames - Australian made. A 3-D shadow box frame!

A wood shadow box frame can display thick and 3-D like images that a regular photo frame can't. 

Shadow Box Photo Frames. They can display just about anything from medals, pressed flowers, wedding favours and photos, sculptures, trophies, sports jerseys, artwork on a thick board, and the list goes on. So let's dive in and get you up to speed with all there is to know about shadow box frames. 

What does a shadow box picture frame look like? 

Imagine a frame that’s been pumping iron at the gym — that’s a shadow box frame. It’s not just a flat type of frame; it’s got muscles. It’s the frame that says, 'Sure, I’ll hold your photo, but throw me a challenge, like your granddad’s war medals or your kid’s first clay pot'. It’s a frame with depth, literally. It’s like a little stage for your treasures, and every time you look at it, you get front-row seats to the show of your life.

Wooden Oak Box Frame Australia

What are shadow box frames made off?

We start with a recycled timber frame in a 3-D shape. From there, many options are available. Here's a list of frame features to get your mind ticking:

  • Let's start with the background. You can insert your own, such as a certificate with a medal sitting in front. Or we can simply insert a black or off-white mat board as the backdrop. Even more, we would leave our MDF backing board in its raw beige-like colour and you can paint this any colour you desire. 
  • Glass, Acrylic Glass or No Glass. It's entirely up to you. No glass would allow you to reach into the frame and change over the components on a regular basis. Or you could even have glass at the front and glass at the back for a transparent see through frame - great for pressed flowers. The glass can sit up the front of the frame or drop to the back if desired. 
  • Spacers. Little pieces of timber or foam core that help separate the backing board from the glass and allow that breathing space your frames items require.
  • Hanging: We can offer string to hang, alligator clips to hang more securely or depending on the size, you box frame can simply stand on its own. Hanging options can be for both Portrait and Landscape. 
  • Our shadowbox frames are made in Australia using the finest, high-quality recycled wood. 

Oak, Raw, White or Black Shadow Box Frames? 

A large variety of styles are available so you can create the perfect frame:

  • Natural - a light oak natural timber colour
  • Oiled - can have tones of dark, medium and honey browns. 
  • Grey - a raw, weathered grey colour wood
  • Black - a matt finish
  • White - a matt finish too, and not too bright
  • Clear Wax - like the Natural but slightly darker and smoother
  • Caramel Wax - Another medium brown colour but more consistent colour tones that the Oiled
  • Chocolate Wax - A consistent rich dark brown
  • Cherry Wax - Like the Chocolate Wax but with a hint of Cherry

White box frames Australia

Driftwood Box Frame

What shadow box picture frame sizes and mat options are available?

We can make just about any size shadow box frames you would like. It could be something small like a 4x6 size, the popular A4 size or a very large A0 size - 1189 x 841mm. Our matboards can go up to about 1500 x 1000mm, but custom oversize matboard available too. 

In terms of depth, we can make our wooden box frames from 2cm deep up to 14cm deep. So there's plenty of depth and space for your items to be displayed. 

Shadow Box Frames Timber

What does a shadow box frame cost and how do I go about ordering one?

Each shadow box frame is custom made and priced depending on the style of frame, the size and time required to install your items. 

To make an enquiry, you can fill out the form on our shadow box frame page here which also contains more information and photos. Our extremely helpful and friendly staff will get back to you. 

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