How to remove your backing board and acrylic from your frames.

If you have purchase one of our larger frames with string on the back, this video will help guide you through the steps to remove your backing board and acrylic to be able to setup your frame and install your picture. 



Hi everyone,

This video teaches you how to take out your acrylic and backing board from our larger frames which have the string going both ways let's get to it.

Okay so the first thing is to lay your frame down face down like so. Now if you want to hang your frame portrait you can simply cut the longer piece of string here and here. That way it'll be nice and easy to take your backing board and your acrylic out.

Same goes for if you wanted to hang your frame landscape, then you could cut the portrait string the shorter piece here and here. Now if you want to have the option to hang your frame either portrait or landscape in the future you'll need to leave the string as it is to get the backing board and the acrylic out. It can be a little tricky but i'm here to help you work out how to do that.

So the first thing you do is get a screw flat screwdriver if you have one and just lift up the flexi-clips like so, just just high enough so you can get your thumb under there comfortably and lift them all up like that then get the backing board lift it up and push it turn on an angle and push it as far to the top of the frame as you can so it's hard up against here and in here then at the bottom of the backing board you just move it through like that and then just give it a little flick and it's out.

Then you can just gently draw it down like that and you've got your backing board out same goes for acrylic now if you have glass in there already you can just give it a wipe as it is but with the acrylic you'll need to pull it out so you can peel off the protective brown film so same goes lift it up and turn it on a slight angle like this make sure you push the bottom up nice hard up against here get the bottom let's flick it through there and gently ease it out like that now with the acrylic you want to peel off the brown film on each side so you're just going to get your thumb in like so and just peel it back like that

You need to peel it off on each side front and back and we have a nice clear acrylic sheet and then you want to put it back in so again just the way you took it out slowly in like that a slight angle right up to the tops here acrylic sheet comes right up to here just ease it right up and then you should have enough room there to get it through.

If you if you do struggle with it you may have to cut the opposite string that you don't need but you should be okay. Now you'll have to put your image in now so it goes through so it's displayed nicely at the front of your frame and get your backing board and put that in so exactly the same way.

Let's push it right up to the top as high as you can go it's hard up against that you'll find this string is nice and tight that means you you've gone as high as you can and then just bring it through like that and you're done so then you just push your clips back down like that and you're all done. If you run into any more trouble please feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email we're happy to help in any way thanks a lot. 


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