How to setup your picture frame - For frames with Hanging Clip and Stand-Back piece

This video helps anyone hang or stand their picture frame, who has purchased our Slim or Original style frames up to the size of A4. 

If you have a Chunky frame up to the size of 8" x 10" you can also learn how to stand those frames up here.

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This video is for anyone who's purchased our slim or original frames up to the size of a4.

When you receive your package you'll find a hanging clip and a stand back piece in your package along with your frame. Here i've got one of our original oiled 8 by 10 frames. So the first thing to do to set up your frame is turn it over face down and open up the flexi-clips on the back. You can use a flat screwdriver like this or a a butter knife from your kitchen just something narrow like that and then simply just get your thumbs and open up the flexi clips then take out your backing board and if you've ordered acrylic take out your acrylic sheet.

Now with the acrylic you want to peel off the brown paper film on each side so just get your thumb in can be a little tricky but you'll eventually get there okay so we got that so peel it back like so take your time. Then the other side, now this brown film is quite important because it protects the acrylic while it's in transit on its way to you.

There you go, you've got your nice clear acrylic sheet place that in then grab your image, here's my nephew's brilliant artwork so put that in, now grab your backing board. If you want to hang your frame grab your hanging clip just like this then what you want to do is get the the u-shape part and just place it over the top of the short side. If you want to hang your image portrait or turn it sideways if you want to hang your image landscape like that and then again just straight over the edge and just push down then grab that little part down here just pull it open a little just so just so your nail or screw can come underneath there that's already in the wall so you can hang it on that. Today we're going to go landscape so put the backing board in there and push the flex eclipse down like that and that's ready to hang on your wall. 

Now if you want to stand your frame grab your stand back piece and the stand slots into the grooves which you can see just down here. This one on the shorter side you can put it in here if you want to stand a portrait or the longer side if you want to stand in landscape so today we're going to stand the frame landscape so just get the corner off the stand-back piece make sure your frame's on a nice steady surface and just put one corner in like that push down firmly so it's in nice and firm there you go and then that'll stand nice and freely and we're all done.

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