Picture Frame Size and Weight Guide by Mulbury

You can download our most recent Picture Frame Size and Weight Guide here.

*Please note due to the nature of our recycled timber, frame weights can vary and the numbers are approximate. 

Before ordering your picture frames it's important to know the External Size of the picture frame to ensure you have enough space available on your wall and also know the visible window area of the photo frame. 

It can also be important to know the Weight of your frames, especially if you are using 3M hooks to hang your frames, or if you are ordering a larger size frame such as A2 or A1. Our Chunky frames also have a little weight to them so it is good to be aware of their weight. 

We hope this Picture Frame Size and Weight Guide helps you make an deducated decision 🙂

If you have an questions please be sure to checkout our very helpful FAQ section or send us an email: hello@mulbury.com.au

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