Sustainable Packaging Video! 💚

Biodegradable, Compostable and Recyclable Packaging video by Mulbury 

We have a huge passion for sustainability. This video gives you an insight into the sustainable packaging we use. We're always continuing to improve on this so we welcome any suggestions.

We hope this can inspire you to use more sustainable materials when packaging in your daily lives or in your business.



Omni Group 

No Issue Co


Transcript from video:

Hey guys here at Mulbury we are so passionate about sustainable packaging so we thought we'd make this quick video to give you an insight about all the packaging we use for your products that you buy.

Our bubble wrap is biodegradable and we get it from a company called omni group here in melbourne it does break down in landfill depends on the moisture content and temperature but it will break down in a matter of weeks and months.

We also use biodegradable tape and biodegradable bundle film which we get from a company called Biogone they're absolutely fantastic.

From time time we'll also use cardboard boxes reused boxes of course and reused tissue paper as well.

If you order larger picture frames from us they might come packaged like this  in between two big sheets of mdf and you'll see this blue strapping around it. Now with the mdf we we just recommend that you try and reuse it where you can and the blue strapping we also get this from Biogone and that is biodegradable.

Our labels we get from No issue and they are biodegradable and compostable so absolutely awesome and these white clips unfortunately they need to go in your plastic recycling bin but we are working on more sustainable options for those and where you can please reuse all our packaging items just to help reduce landfill they are biodegradable but you know the more we can reuse the better we are

Thanks a lot

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