Acrylic Glass - Now made from 50% Recycled Materials

Our Acrylic Glass is now made from 50% recycled materials. 

While using 100% recycled timber for our picture frames is a great sustainable initiative, using 50% recycled acrylic glass is a huge win and a big step forward to achieving fully recycled picture frame.

It took us over a year to source this recycled acrylic, but our persistence paid off for a greener 2023 ♻️

50% Recycled Acrylic Glass

Acrylic glass, also known as plexiglass, is a popular alternative to traditional glass because it is lightweight, shatter-resistant, no difference in appearance to glass and easier to work with. It is also more durable and has over 90% UV resistance.

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Wide Natural Frame with black mat board

Wide Natural 8.5cm frame with a black mat board around a 3-D painting sitting behind 50% Recycled Acrylic Glass. 

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