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Do you need a simpler, black photo frame but still want to keep in eco-friendly?

Our Black style wooden photo frames are simply painted with a black matte finish, showcasing a subtle timber grain that highlights their eco-friendly nature.

Black wooden photo frames can add a sleek and modern touch to any space in your Australian home and can be an excellent choice for displaying various types of photos. Here are a few ideas for photos that would suit a black wooden picture frame:

  1. Black and white photographs: Black and white photos can look particularly striking when displayed in a black wooden photo frame. The contrast between the monochrome tones of the photo and the frame can create a sophisticated and elegant look.

  2. Landscape photographs: Landscape photographs can look beautiful in a black wooden photo frame, particularly if the frame is wide enough to allow the full panoramic view to be seen.

  3. Portraits: Portraits can also look great in a black wooden photo frame. The frame's clean lines and minimal aesthetic can help draw attention to the subject of the photograph.

  4. Family photographs: Family photographs are always a great choice for a picture frame, and a black wooden frame can add a touch of timeless elegance to these memories.

The key is to choose a black wooden photo frame that complements the style and subject matter of the photograph and helps create a cohesive look in the space where it is displayed. Discover our eco-friendly black wooden photo frames and add a touch of elegance to your cherished memories.

Our Black style is simply painted a black mat finish while showcasing a subtle timber grain.

The key is to choose a frame that complements the style and subject matter of the photograph, and that helps to create a cohesive look in the space where it is displayed.

Recycled Timber Black Picture Frame, Custom size

If you're looking for the perfect black wooden photo frame, then you'll want to check out our selection available:

- Slim Black 2.5cm frame
- Original Black 4cm frame
- Wide Black 8.5cm frame
- Black Multi-photo frames for 2 or 3 photos with an off-white or black mat board. 
- Custom size frames available- Black Canvas Floating Frames available too!


Wide Black Wooden Picture Frame

What can you expect from Mulbury picture frames:

- 100% Recycled Timber
- 50% Recycled Acrylic Glass
- Australian made
- Excellent quality
- Family owned and run

More examples of our Recycled Wooden Black Frames are below. 

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 Slim Black 2.5cm Frame in A2 size 

Black and White photo in Black Picture frame

Wooden Black Picture Frame

Black picture frame around railroad pic

Black frame around painting

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