Valentine's Day - What to get your environmentally conscious partner!

It can be hard enough to find the perfect Valentine's Day gift, let alone an eco-friendly gift. 

Is your partner always telling you to recycle, reduce waste and talking about climate change, blah blah.............. well then they're just like all of us here at Mulbury 💚

If you have a partner that's environmentally conscious, they're going to want a gift that has most or all of the features below:

- Made from recycled or upcycled materials, or is at least biodegradable, compostable or recyclable. 

- A quality item to last a lifetime. Always choose quality over quantity. 

- Is ethically sourced

- From a small to medium size business

- Locally made

- Hand-made

You could even go to the lengths of checking that the company you purchase from has sustainable operations. For example - their packaging is eco-friendly, they use solar power within the business and have a recycling program as well. 

You're partner will love you for taking the time to find out these details! 

So how can Mulbury help?

- Firstly, we tick all of the points above ✅

- Recycled Timber Picture Frames are the heart and soul of Mulbury, however we also offer eco-friendly homeware. 

- Custom framing. Have that perfect holiday moment you want to capture in a unique picture frame? We'll take the time to help you select the perfect frame. 

- Want to know more about our sustainable practice? Click here.

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Have a question? 

Get in touch - or give us a call on 03 9532 3424. 

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