How to install your stretched canvas artwork into a Mulbury Canvas Floating Frame

Floating frames for canvas art are a great way to display your artwork without having to mount it onto a traditional frame.

If you're unable to send your canvas to Mulbury, we can ship our Canvas Floating Frames to you which you can install yourself. 

The video below will assist you to install a stretched canvas into a Mulbury Canvas Floating Frame which is made from 100% Australian recycled timber. 

Here are a few tips for using our floating frames:

  1. Make sure your canvas is properly stretched and secured onto the frame before placing it into the floating frame. It's worth paying a little extra for quality stretching of your canvas.
  2. You should have received the floating frame, screws and spacers. Make sure you have all components handy. 
  3. Place the frame on a flat, clean and sturdy table. 
  4. Use the spacers provided to ensure your canvas sits centred in the floating frame.
  5. Insert the screws provided into the corners as shown on the video. Try and secure 2 corners diagonal of each other first before standing the frame up to secure the 2 other remaining corners. You will need a drill and a phillips-head drill bit. 
  6. Make sure all the screws are used. 
  7. Your Canvas Floating Frame will come with string attached to the back for hanging. 

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Want to know more about our Floating Frames? Click Here. 

Canvas Floating Frames video by Mulbury 

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