What quality can I expect from Mulbury's picture frames?

High-quality wooden picture frames Australia

Deciding on purchasing recycled timber picture frames can be a hard decision when you are unable to see and touch them in real life. 

The below video gives you a quick insight of :

- The quality of our frames and the mitre joins

- How they will look both front and back

Remember, each frame is unique in appearance so colour and timber grain will vary with each frame. 

There's over 25 years of experience in each frame. We take the time and care to ensure each frame is made to last a lifetime. 

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hey everyone, we get a lot of questions about the quality of our picture
frames so we thought we'd make this quick video for you

we've been making these frames for over 25 years now and
we we definitely make them to last a lifetime.

They're strong and tough, there's no wobbling or jiggling the
the miter here you can see its nice and sturdy.

There's no gaps so we've joined them really well and I guess if I flip it round you can see same at the back nice join at the miter.

Sometimes it can get a slight deterioration in the timber like this, it's nothing to worry about. You know it's not definitely not going to get any worse.

We lightly sand the frames to show plenty of the timber
grain and look it's very rare you'll get a splinter but it can happen but you know
we try and maintain that rustic feel to all our frames.

Anyway I hope this helps and please get in touch if you've got any questions.

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